Parents’ & Tutors’ Reviews

Parents’ Reviews:

“She had 4 classes with my girl… Her English is very good. Thank you very much.” – S.M. Sandanam

“So far…I’m very satisfied with your services provided. Hopefully the teaching process will be great and meet my expectation. Really looking forward for the coming session.” – S.R. Ismail

“(Previous tutor) taught my daughter but she can’t understand her teaching..that’s why I don’t want… (current tutor) she teaches and explains to my far she said can understand..” – R.

“She is very friendly and helpful. Yesterday was the first day, I have to see for few more classes. So far she is good. Thanks.” – S.

“It’s good so far. My girl is focusing well, taking the initiative to complete her work. The tutor is good. Your service is satisfying and tutors are responsive.” – K. N. K.

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Tutors’ Reviews:

“Your service is really good, Yeap definitely reliable. At first honestly I was scared as I never did home tuition before but faith home tuition met my expectation and got my trust.” – L.M.H.

“Good & fast service. Easy & smooth to deal with. I will recommend to my friends that eager to teach & lend a hand to our next generation.” – A.H. Ismail

“You did a great job. You are patient, tolerable and nice. I hope this tutoring program you introduced will be fruitful.” – I. Ismail

“Service not bad, able to get students fast. Reliable and good communication. Thanks!” – X. S.

“To be honest… I got many other agents who deal with me.. but you are friendly and helpful compare with them. =)” – Y.N.

“Well yeah so far so good. Everything is done within a short period of time.” – J. S.

“Yes, the service is good and met my expectation…hope I can get more and more jobs after this” – N.

“Well, I am very satisfied with your service as you always answer my questions soon in polite manner. You always help me to inquire parents before I really decide to start teaching. I am very satisfied and hope to cooperate with you again. Thank you very much..” – S. L.

more to be posted soon…

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